A trustable person to work with

If you can get it
I can move it

Local USA Services

I can pickup and deliver any type of commodity within the forty-eight contiguous states. It doesn't matter where it is, or where is going to. I can get it done for you!

International Services

Borders are nothing for me! I specialized not only in local services, but I do also international deliveries. That includes Alaska, Canada, México, Central and South America!

Overseas Services

Not limited by borders, nor Countries! I also do overseas deliveries! That includes USA territories like; Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Virgin Islands, and also to all different places around the globe!

Business Statistics

Let's Grow Together!

300 +

Loads successfully delivered in one year and keep growing

10000 +

Quotes and bids submitted and keep increasing

500 +

Drivers' operators and dispatchers set up with me!

875 +
Different type of trailers I get access to!

See what some people say

Cotton Land RV Park

Peter Thiessen

If I need some haul, Eli can get it done quicker. Any time I need something he's always there to get taking care of professionally.

CL Trucking & Excavating LLC

Heather Wolcott

Eli has always been super responsive and fast in all our loads. He will be my go to for any future hauling we need.

SYMP Imports LLC

Joseph Miller

Eli is my friend too, and he gets priority because usually he has the best rates and because he does make things easy for me.

Blue Tide Marine

Ben Winter

Eli Provides a GREAT service!

Blue Tide Marine

James Lunsford

We have shipped with Eli several times, he has always delivered!  Great communication and great customer service!  Thanks Eli

Miller Brothers Auto

Nate Miller

Eli has been hauling different equipment for my brother. We even worked together without knowing. Everything is great with him. He provides an excellent service!

Some of my Customers

I'll do whatever it takes to help YOU out!

Some features

With me You get ...

Info & Details Recompilation

I personally talk to the PU location
I get till the last PU requisite to fulfill it
I get full item details and specs
I get delivery requirements to achieve till the last detail
I do my own research for addition
I closely listen to my customer needs to achieve all of them

Complete Arrangements

I arrange the best setup trailer
I schedule the pickup of the item
I coordinate the delivery route
I schedule the delivery
I coordinate loading assistance if necessary
I get labor if necessary
I arrange unloading assistance if necessary
I can get any extra service if needed

Transparency & Professionalism

I submit a formal quote to your email
Along with the quote I attach the confirmation of the order
Every single charge is clearly broke down
No hidden fees!
You get access to my drivers and/or dispatchers contact information
I'm always fully open to clarify any doubt, question and/or concern

Full & Constant Communication

I let you know when my driver's at the Pickup location
As soon as my driver gets loaded I send you pictures
I provide you an ETA after my driver leaves the Pickup location
I keep you in the loop during the entire route
I provide you an updated ETA before delivery
Why not?

Choose the Best

Over any ciscunstance something you can be sure about, is I'll do whatever it takes to help you out, and I'll take always full ownership of your commodities!

Get 50% CC deposit on your first load.

If you wanna truly see the difference between most of the brokers and the best one, let's set up a Zoom meeting to talk about your needs.