Mastering the Art of Flatbeds: A Comprehensive Guide

  • February 27, 2024

Discover the different types of flatbed trucks and their unique features in this comprehensive guide.

Understanding Hotshots

Hotshots, with their compact yet powerful design, offer a convenient and efficient solution for transporting cargo. These pick-up trucks are equipped with a platform securely attached to the back of the vehicle, allowing them to haul loads of up to 40ft in length, 10ft 6in in height, and weighing up to 20,000lbs. Despite their smaller size compared to other flatbed trucks, hotshots pack a punch when it comes to versatility and capacity. Whether it's delivering construction materials to a job site or transporting equipment for a landscaping project, hotshots prove to be reliable and effective in getting the job done. Their nimble nature and impressive hauling capabilities make them a valuable asset in the transportation industry, offering a practical solution for a wide range of hauling needs.

Exploring Flatbeds

Flatbeds, commonly known as the workhorses of the trucking industry, are semi-trucks equipped with a flat platform securely fastened to the chassis of the vehicle. These versatile trucks have the impressive capacity to transport cargo of up to 53ft in length, 8ft 6in in height, and weighing up to 48,000lbs. Whether it's construction materials, pallets, miscellaneous items and some type of equipment, flatbed trucks are the go-to choice for efficiently and safely transporting a wide range of goods across various distances. Their sturdy design and spacious platform make them essential assets in the logistics world, ensuring that valuable shipments reach their destination with ease and reliability. With their exceptional hauling capabilities, flatbeds are a crucial component of the transportation industry, serving as the backbone for delivering goods to their intended locations.

Diving into Step-decks

Step-decks, a type of semi-truck, feature a platform securely attached to the truck's chassis, allowing them to transport loads of up to 53ft in length, 10ft 6in in height, and weighing up to 48,000lbs. What sets them apart from flatbeds is their versatile design, equipped with a removable platform and an upper deck that adds an extra layer of functionality for various hauling needs. Step-decks are like the Swiss army knives of the trucking world, offering a range of configurations to adapt to different cargo types and sizes. The removable platform allows for easy loading and unloading, while the upper deck provides additional space for stacking items or securing loads. This flexibility makes step-decks ideal for transporting everything from construction materials to oversized machinery, making them a valuable asset in the logistics industry. With their unique design and adaptability, step-decks are a reliable choice for meeting diverse hauling requirements with efficiency and ease.

Uncovering Step-decks Low-profiles

Step-decks low-profiles, also known as Lowpros, have a similar design to regular step-decks but with an additional foot in height. This extra height capacity sets them apart, enabling them to transport taller loads that may not fit within the constraints of standard step-decks. By offering this increased clearance, Lowpros provide a versatile solution for hauling a variety of cargo types, especially those with greater vertical dimensions. Whether it's large machinery, equipment, or materials that require more vertical space, these specialized step-decks cater to the unique needs of transporting taller loads efficiently and securely. Their enhanced height capability opens up a wider range of possibilities for shippers and carriers, ensuring that even the tallest shipments can be safely and effectively transported to their destination. Step-decks low-profiles, or Lowpros, truly elevate the hauling capabilities of flatbed trucks to new heights.

Deciphering RGN (Removable GoosNeck) Lowboys

RGN (Removable GoosNeck) Lowboys are the powerhouse of the trailer world, designed to handle the toughest and heaviest loads with ease. These lowboys boast impressive capabilities, able to haul up to 38ft in length, reaching heights of 12ft 6in, and supporting weights of up to 53,000lbs. Their innovative design and robust construction make them the go-to choice for transporting oversized and overweight cargo. With their unmatched strength and reliability, RGN Lowboys are the ultimate solution for heavy-duty hauling needs.


Insights to Remember: 

It is important to note that all trailers are legally allowed to haul up to 8ft 6in in width. Any load that exceeds these dimensions is classified as oversize or overweight, requiring special permits depending on the specific dimensions, weight, and regulations of each state. These permits are essential to ensure the safety and compliance of transporting larger loads, and they play a crucial role in the logistics of moving goods across different regions. By obtaining the necessary permits and adhering to the regulations in place, carriers can navigate the complexities of hauling oversized or overweight loads effectively and responsibly. Stay informed about the regulations in your area to ensure smooth and legal transportation of goods.

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